Size Matters?-What Women say

Size Matters?-What Women say

What women say about penis size is very dubious.

This is because depending on whether a casual meeting or having a romantic relationship or not, the woman's opinion will vary. Varies depending on experience or who has had sexual experiences or not, the degree of satisfaction it has achieved in the various sex. If it's cold or not in relation to sex, how she sees and feels her sex life and how much is open, and knowledge of his own body.

But in a general says: size does not matter but what they do with it.
In reality, this is half true, because they always speak of the size of her partner's penis size or else that stallion that want to know or wanted to know. Sometimes appreciate other physiological characteristics of man, but perhaps always end up talking about how it will be and what size will his penis.

If size did not matter, there was no need to discuss it, right?

When a man asks his wife if she is satisfied with the size of the penis, she will answer the majority of the time it is, but if there is a nasty spat, unfortunately our friend penis always comes to take the criticism of how dysfunctional and small it is. Because women know where to attack the self-esteem of man.
The vast majority of women like the penis average, to use the day to day, but in reality the fantasy that it would be like having a man with a penis of 10" or more in the hands or other body parts, is very real.

It do not mean she is not satisfied with what she has at home, but the fantasy is an important element of life, and sometimes help, and much for a life sexually active and attractive.
They also know they have a uterus and bladder to be protected and that a very large penis can cause them pain or discomfort, and unpleasant and even harmful to their health.

One thing that they dislike the most and is almost always a laughing matter, are the small penis, do not know what to do with it, but they say that with imagination and hard work can also take pleasure. But in reality do not quite know what they will do with a penis with 5 or 6 inches, some say that to stimulate the clitoris there is no better, others say it is ideal for anyone who wants to have anal sex and is excellent because they do not have to worry too much about the depth at which it arrives.

They also distinguish between what is to be big in length or diameter.
The length of the penis, as already stated, can be painful and many women complain of this, now, the larger the diameter the better, since the preliminaries are well done and achieved, with a good lubrication is a widened.

In conclusion,

women know what they want, have their fantasies, for love, say they enjoy when they don´t,
not necessarily want more and bigger, and every day demanding more for their sexual satisfaction, whether with a penis size small, medium or large, what they really want is to get pleasure
with love or gross, but what they want is a working penis and that makes them go to the moon.


Size Matters? - What Men say

What Men say

Any man who had a “normal” childhood, when in the school showers, after the gymnastic class, besides the part of beating the other guys with the towels in the butt, always, always they look and compare de Penis of each other.

And Why?

Every man says that size matters.

All jokes at all ages are just about Sex or the conquests and how easy it was score with that girl and how she liked it. (In true sense, all lies). 

Men get depressed, with low-esteem if they, and all man already have done, they measure their own penis and if the result is less than 7’’, they would pay anything to make him grow up.

When a men it’s not satisfied with is size, then he will measure, and measure until he is convinced that will not grow and that it not worth it, trying more.
In their mind the “bigger is better”.

“I’ve a big gun, I’ve a big car and I’ve a big house, but what I have bigger than you, and who cares my banking account, is my Penis who is gigantic”.

If they know if any ex-boyfriend of his actual girlfriend, had a nice and big Penis, he will stay all the rest of his life thinking: “why the hell she’s staying with me?”. Off course his first idea is, because of my money, because of the security that I can give to her. If she says to him that size doesn’t matter he will, always, think she’s lying and she’s just being condescending with him, just to not hurt his feelings.

A man can be fat, slim, tall, short and he doesn’t matter a lot with this physiological characteristics only if his Penis isn´t small because at the mirror all the rest of characteristics are well.

Husband: “Oh, I’m not so fat”-Wife: “no darling, you are like a white whale"- He laugh. Husband:“ I’m not so short stature”-Wife:” no darling, just don’t stay in the corridor because i can stumble and fall because of you” - He laugh.
Husband:” darling, come her with your Tarzan, stay in my big wood”-Wife:” yeah, surely you are like an ape man, but big only in your imagination”.
This wife will not live for many years!

Never, but never make a joke about a tiny Penis, they are sensitive and with bad mood. The final result will not be so good!

Man believe that black people have the most lucky in the world, the Asian people are a joke, regardless of whether they reproduce more than any other nation in the planet, the white people are desperate to have one bigger than each other.

For a man, who like to be a man, the Size of his Sex matters!
The Bigger, is the best!

Size matters?

Penis, why so many talk about it?

Making a Free Google search about if size matters or not, of men Sex, It was found many different opinions.
During the next Week, I will try write in this blog the different opinions.